Do you need a reliable partner to help you get your products from A to B?

Whether it's sea freight, air freight, land overland, customs clearance or special projects you need, our freight forwarders team will ensure you get the most efficient solution, anywhere in the world.


Are you a Ship Manager, Owner needa flexible partner that adapts withthe needs of your business from“door to deck” ?

Having a dependable and trusted partner taking care of the supplies for your Marine Asset At Sea or in Dock/Yard is invaluable.


Do you need a reliable partner tosimplify your unique cargo delivery?

Nothing is too big, heavy or complex for us. Whether it's one large unit or several small you n ed transporting, get them delivered safely and on time.


Require a trusted expert to simplifyyour complex offshore process at earlystage of planning?

We work closely with you during the planning stage to ensure your project is managed efficiently from the outset through to the operations stage.

We have the reach, resources, expertise and experience to deliver.

We are in business to help your business thrive, even in challenging times. Our promise to provide the best in shipping, logistics and marine services is one we take seriously.

How we've helped industries

At Mahaka Logistics, we know every business is unique and different, that’s why ourdedicated centres of excellence provide you with specialist industry specific adviceand know-how to deliver the best solutions for your business.

Learn how we've worked with our customers to deliver industry-focused solutions.


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